What kind of beard is suitable for your face shape

What type of beard you wear depends on the shape of your face. Will it be Pitt’s U-shaped beard, Leo DiCaprio’s W-shaped beard, or Asian stylist Takeshi Kaneshiro’s H-shaped beard? There is no need to be tangled, prepare a mirror, razor, and small comb, look at the following various facial shapes and various beard corresponding modeling methods, find a mirror to look at yourselves, let’s do this.

1.Round face with a W-shaped beard

Benefit: slimmer! The triangular mustache looks like a pointed chin.


Method: To get rid of the label of “round face”, the line from the sideburns to the sides of the cheeks is the key. You must trim the beard an angle from the cheeks to the chin, trim the chin beard into a triangle, visually elongate the facial proportion, make the face look narrower, and create the illusion of a pointed chin. A goatee should also be kept under the lower lip to meet the beard on the chin.


2.Square face with a U-shaped beard

Advantages: Trim a rounded chin, let the firm domineer become gentle easy to get along with


Method: square face sees too serious to get along with, the key is to put the beard near the two sides of the jaw bone to shave a radian, to make you feel better, you can connect the beard and the temples and chin, the width of the whole U word has a 2cm will be a good choice. Make sure your chin beard is rounded to improve the rigid outline of your jaw bone.

3.Long face with an H – shaped beard

Advantage: Cover your hairline!Enhance the horizontal lines of the face to make it look less horsey


Method: the secret is how to balance the length of the face from top to bottom and the width of the face from left to right, so try to keep the width of the beard about the same as the width of the mouth, so that the horizontal lines of the face can be highlighted and visually balanced.

The beard on the upper lip and chin can be kept short, but the lines can be thick and balanced.


4.O-shaped beard on pointed face

Advantages: gentle and steady! Evenly soften the entire face curve, hide the pointed chin, and immediately being stabilize


Tips: Start with the mustache above the lips to create an overall curve. The beard on the sides of the cheeks can be trimmed a little longer, but the lines should be thin. The beard on the chin should be trimmed as short as possible, equal to the thickness of the cheeks. The key is to connect the upper lip, the sides, and the chin whiskers to form a circle. For Asians, the thin O-shaped beard fits the overall style of elegance. This beard type is suitable for a bald uncle as well, can disperse the visual focus, improve the overall sense of stability.

5.The average face has a full beard

Advantages: eye-catching! To be looked at twice in the crowd

Method point: since the face is no feature, the beard must have a feature, otherwise the whole person is no feature. The difference between the handsome and ordinary beings may be only a little care of his beard after waking up. Try any type of beard you are interested in, there must one kind that suits you!

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