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We use the expertise to create high-performance products designed to help the majority of customers get benefit and final customers may achieve a personal care at home to enjoy leisure life. You will learn more tips from us.

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Reality show of GT-15, unboxing video GT-S5, product production process, etc.

This 30-second video shows the effect of GT-15 model shaver and body trimmer.

This is our fifth container loading this week. Thanks for the customers’ support.

There are few moments for us to stand in a solemn atmosphere, but watching the flag-raising ceremony did it.

Practicing safety and security with a morning fire drill. Here is the exciting spot at Jante.

The short 10 years of Ante witnessed the brilliant development course. Let’s toast!

There are various of packaging of our products. Today we will show the customized waterproof & anti-oil zipper travel bag.

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