gk 900
  • All in 1
  • Li-ion battery
  • Cord or cordless

Custom Electric Grooming Kit Set

All in one to meet all the demand for personal care in household life.
Ht 18
  • Portable trimmer
  • Blade trimmer
  • Cord or cordless

Custom Hair Trimmer Set

Light weight and sleek design, easy to hold byself.

Customers Reviews

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John Doe
John Doe@hair clipper
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A pleasure collaboration with Jante for ten years, it’s my honor that I have obtained the rights of exclusive sales in my local market, thank you Jante.
Mohammed@grooming kit
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Quick solution to my users’ responce, and develop the similar one more series for more option. Glad to cooperate with Ante.
John Doe
John Doe@high-quality
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Factory audit and products technical Certificate & reports are complete, and the teams are professional and warm-hearted, quite easy to communicate.
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Never to worry about the after-sale, even not their responsibilities. Jante, It’s always my first choice to ask for help if only my business schedule to China.

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  • professional shaver
  • Shaver off stubble
  • Cord or cordless

Custom Shaver Set

Experience hassle free shaving with professional seal and fine blades designed to give you a smooth shave look.
gt 11
  • Battery operated
  • Portable trimmer
  • For hair below the neck

Custom Body Trimmer Set

Battery operated, designed as a safe and comfortable grooming solution for hair below the neck.

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